We’re thrilled to introduce one of four winners of our ‘And Breathe’ music competition - Samantha Pamplin.

Samantha submitted an original song inspired by the theme of breathing which was influenced by her long walks in nature listening to the harmony of birds singing. The song was recorded on the new Live Sound and Lighting Stage at The University of Hertfordshire.

Samantha Pamplin: Breathe It In (and smile)

About Samatha Pamplin

University of Hertfordshire School of Business Lecturer

"If the truth be told, I haven’t felt inspired to write or play music for awhile. Time, fast-paced living and life in general just hurtles at speed and before you know it a few years have gone by!

During lockdown, I never imagined how much I would miss listening to live music with friends and family and how unnerving I would find the continual silence. However, we began to walk our dog early in the morning and that silence soon gave way to the most beautiful bird songs previously unnoticed. Songs we were never able to hear because of overhead planes, traffic and general hustle and bustle.

The message behind this song; there is, and will always be ‘live music’ all around us, you just have to know where to find it, when to listen, how to relax and breathe it in. My up-beat post-modern swing choice, is meant to be sassy, up-lifting and above all fun."

And Breathe was created in collaboration with HertSU, University of Hertfordshire's Music Department, and UH Arts.