Children of all ages are encouraged by and learn through the power of visual and performing arts. As part of a higher education institution, UH Arts + Culture can help bring performing and visual arts to children in the local and wider community.

Performing Arts

Especially for school children, UH Arts + Culture offer:

  • performances.
  • talks.
  • workshops.

We deliver our programme both on campus and in school settings.

Most of our theatre productions are supported with education packs which enable teachers to maximize on the impact of the experience back in the classroom.

We have a strong relationships with local schools, especially those that form part of the Hatfield Schools Consortium, but are always looking to develop new partnerships.

Working with nationally and internationally renowned theatre companies and artists, we seek those that develop creative content based on aspects of the National Curriculum.

Visual Arts

Art Collection

The UH Art Collection features 14 outdoor sculptures, mostly sited on the College Lane Campus.

Bespoke projects

UH Arts + Culture has nurtured a close relationship with Onslow St Audrey School in Hatfield over the years. Pupils from the school work directly with artists on collaborative projects.

While continuing our work with Onslow, we are always looking to build new relationships with local schools and would be happy to discuss bespoke projects with individual institutions.


UH Arts + Culture have been privileged to host an annual end-of-year showcase of student’s work in the Art and Design Gallery.

Sculpture Walk

We welcome schools visiting our Sculpture Walk and offer an introductory talk to all our visitors.